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Clinical Dermatology

Psoriatic uveitis is not an exploded myth

Letter to the Editor, 118 - 119
doi: 10.11138/cderm/2017.5.3.118
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Psoriatic uveitis, a distinct clinical entity quoted for 7 to 25% in psoriatic ophthalmic patients with spondyloarthritis, and for 25,1% ± 2,3 in a metanalysis of rheumatic patients with a prevalence of HLA-B27 quoted as for 40 - 50%, is often misdiagnosed.
The model proposed by Conti et al. [Clinical Dermatology 2017;5(1):30-36] merits also to drive the attention of Dermatologist, Radiologist, General Practitioner to submit those psoriatic patients to an ophthalmological screening.

Vol. 6 (No. 1-2) 2018 January - June

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